(x) Bug with <a =href

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I always preview before I post, and I think I discovered another bug. Even if a link is broken, it still previews blue, thus giving a false impression that it's coded correctly.

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If the "a" tag comes through, poor CSS can't do anything but colour it blue.

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The syntax for A (anchor) is <a>your anchor content</a>.
Not all anchors are hyperlinks, though. You can turn an anchor into a hyperlink by adding the href attribute; full syntax then is <a href="your url">your anchor content</a>.

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Yeah, it's just the way html works. It's not a Typophile bug.

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if you find any links that need fixing, please contact me and i can fix them.

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Mark is incorrect. a:link matches hypertext links only in CSS and can thus differentiate A HREF from A ID. It’s a question of CSS, not HTML, and no, it isn’t true that nothing can be done.

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