DJ marketing piece

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I submit a marketing piece to promote a DJ.

I would appreciate anyone's thoughts.i want to be a dj

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On a general note: I quite like it.

Haven't got much time right now, but please do check the setting of your body copy: there's some nasty gaps in the lines of text. I'm posting an image to show you what I mean.

This is what I mean

The easiest way would be to ditch QuarkXPress and lay-out the piece in InDesign. ;)

The choice of type is sound, but I'm wondering if the illustration doesn't refer to Japanese manga a bit too much. I don't know what the Brits think of this? Anyone?

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Please don't let me misunderstood: the ilustration does rock, but I was just wondering how much it was influenced by manga, and that's why I asked a second opinion by our Brit colleagues.

Anyways, your comment was way past your bedtime, Stephen. I really do cherish my 9 hours of impunity. Wouldn't want you to stay up all night to hog all the fun. :-)

P.S. This is the very first time I tried to reply from within my e-mail app, and it didn't come through. What did I do wrong? :-(

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hey, that would be Bon Bon from Cosmic.

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Second nitpick: "They're bored of the 80's..." should read "They're bored with the '80s..."

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I think the illie rocks!

Nitpick: 80's should be '80s and you need curly quotes!
(I'm guessing this was done in Illustrator. You can force them
with opt-shift-] if you're on a Mac.)

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By the way, I've moved this thread from General Discussions
to Critique > Typography / Composition.

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