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Hi, I have spent a couple of weeks looking at the site and forums etc and found a lot of interesting and useful information. But now I need some help and thought this would be a good place to start.
I am making a piece for a Uni project on the history of punctuation.
I want it to be all about the style of writing using appropriate fonts for each period of time. But I am stuck with the layout.
I only have 6 small paragraphs of text, and they are small. But have pictured this as a long narrow print with lots of white space. I am really struggling to find anything to help me with the layout of this.
Any advice/suggestions I can go to the library with would be much appreciated.
I have included an image of my first attempt.

punctuation-ahistorylow.jpg61.42 KB
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I would recommend literature on how to describe or analyze a problem or a task. The better you can describe it the better you can ask questions that will get you helpful answers.
Maybe also books on what typefaces are typical of which period of time.
For a first start with Lithos see:

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You could be right with the first point, thanks. I somehow managed to post this 3 times as well (my internet kept dropping out) I realised the image didn't load up well either so have linked the image here (if it helps)
Thanks for the link, I have been off to talk to a typesetter with a good sense of history today and that helped me a lot in regards type of font too.

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