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Hey Guys, we were asked to make a font under these conditions:

- Use only Horizontal and Vertical Lines
- Cannot simulate a curve leaving pixels white on the corners.
- Uppercase Characters and Numbers Only.

This is what i have so far -

- Height is 7px and Width is 10px

- Small Version

- Medium

Some of my thoughts:

- The D looks weird
- Is my X Valid?
- Other ways to make the M, N and W ?
- The S and the 5 look too much alike?
- Help with Spacing

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Wow, tricky!
For the "N", have you tried maybe making just a flipped "U", which would look a bit like a lowercase "n"? Might work in such a font. Also, for the "M", I'd maybe try reducing the middle stem to one line (a bit like what you do in the "B").

One idea for the "D" (which I agree looks funky), although this would likely necessitate changes to other letters too: Have you tried giving it "serifs" on the left side – i.e. moving the left vertical stem a bit to the right and letting the top and bottom lines protrude out to the left? Don't know if it'd work, but it might be worth a try.

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I've made some bitmap stuff in my time, and your effort is not bad, but try makin it either 9 or 11 pixels in width; symmetry would get lot easier.

D is weird, and N is only 7 pixels. X is cool; very Space Invaderish.

Make numerals two pixels narrower, and you skip that problem.

Space the with two pixels, and things look a lot more natural. T,F,L and such only need one.

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This one seems to be handled pretty nicely. Maybe you can put your spin on it.

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Wow! Thanks for all the constructive criticism!

@altaira - The Serif idea worked amazing! Thanks! I tried the flipped U but it does look like a lowercase N... in which case is invalid for the font.

Tomi from Suomi - Fixed the D, looks cool now. I liked the X as well, also thought of Space Invaders when i made it Hahaha. I'm going to increase width by 1px so that its 11px for the characters, then reduce the numbers to 9px width so the difference is more apparent. I'll check the spacing as well.

Cris B - Thanks Cris, thats good reference! -saved!

Here's the Link to the 11px Width Nepo. -

I fixed the D, the M, N and W. Let me know what you think! :D



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Try another Q. "Quick" looks more like "Buick".

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this is not bad.
I agree w/ cerulean. I think that putting the line for the "Q" on pointing up from the bottom would look good.
Also, you said you could only do uppercase characters, and I may have scrolled over this, but are you allowed to use descenders?

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