Logo Redesigns Gone Wrong

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The first time I saw the original Maple Pictures logo I knew the $12.50 I'd spent was worth it, even if the movie was a piece of piss. The way the animation rotated and the tree rings formed the letters just struck a chord in me.


What in the hell were they thinking? What does this say other than we typeset some letters and put a box around them?

I have started this thread hoping to see you add other logos/branding that were redesigned so poorly that you're left wondering "How did this happen?"

Pepsi anyone?

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The new one (right) is even worse than the old 90s logo.

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Some horrid ones here. http://ocondesign.com/?p=945

DQ - Atrocious. Just ridiculous.

Mastercard - WTF is with the magnifying glass cloudy gradient sphere?

Kraft - The DairyQueen 'designer' landed another client.

The Bank of New York - I loved the logo they had before — It's gorgeous. Sad they went with a sideways star trek badge after the merger.

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wow penn, I hadn't seen the MasterCard one yet. That's just...wow. I don't even have words for that one.

The Animal Planet redesign bothered me as well. I wasn't a fan of Discovery's redesign initially either (not that the old one was especially good) but it's grown on me: http://www.frederiksamuel.com/blog/2008/04/discovery-channel-rebranding....

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