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Hi All

I am working on a project that requires a highlighted font.



It needs to be repeated on screen by an editor hundreds of times, so cant manualy draw the box behind it.

Basically looking for a sans serif, similar to


I guess my other possibility would be to edit a font in Font Lab myself. Just wondering if anyone had undertaken something similar?



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Which kind of program will the editor use?

As for possibilities, maybe:

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Hi Riccardo

thanks for the tip

The editor will be using Final Cut, which doesn't like much type trickery.

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Don't know much about FC. But it sound strange that it hasn't an option for setting reverse text.

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Sometimes you will find fonts that have a "cameo" (reversed) weight... For example,

Fiendstar Cameo


However, be warned that searching for the term "cameo" on a font website will bring up fonts called Cameo as well as fonts with cameo (reversed) weights, and even some fonts with no reversed weight at all! So you will need a bit of patience...

For example, here is a search for "cameo" on FontShop's site.

A search for the term "reversed" (on the same site) also yielded some results.

I hope this helps!

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