feedback on image as not the best artsit

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The breif was to design a princess and frog robbing a bank. Just want some feeback on my design maybe to improve


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> Just want some feeback on...

the concept or illustration? where's the 'robbing a bank'?

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Hard to evaluate it without knowing more, such as how this illustration will be used.

But my offhand comment is that you're obviously a good illustrator, but the "robbing the bank" theme is hard to spot. Took me a minute to realize there was a broken piggy bank, and the princess' mallet is hard to see.

Might be better if there was just one piggy bank -- the broken one -- instead of 3 banks, and if the bank was bigger or more obvious, and perhaps with the currency flying out of it instead floating some distance away. (I thought at first that the currency had come out of that open drawer.) And you might try turning the frog so it's body is pointing towards the piggy bank.

Have you considered showing the moment the princess is actually breaking the bank (BAM!), or the moment before when she's swinging the mallet and we anticipate the bank breaking?

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both the concept and the illustration david .

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If she keeps the static pose, she should perhaps have the mallet on her near side rather than the far side, to make it more obvious to the viewer. The coin stacks are all the same, which looks too copied-&-pasted. Like the stark lighting style though.

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What if the piggy banks were colored pink (tint the red)?

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> both the concept and the illustration david

Why did you say 'not the artist'

I think the main issue is the composition & light. By light I mean length & direction of cast shadows, reflected light, highlight.

You don't need the red ( frog + princess)

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they do seem to like it on deviant art as been added to people folders as there faves
link below

I agree though on the light its not realistic or consistent. As an 1 example there are no lights casting on the frog and the curtains. Also the chair has darker edge on the front and this shoud b on the left hand side. may be thicker stoke line for foreground objects so they appear closer to would add a sense of depth ,

thanks alot for you comments

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Reminds me a bit of this and other similar threads... (a spin off from this classic

Artist post art, typophiles give feedback on art, chaos ensues. Bring on the chaos! ;-)

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cheers sii. cheers . place you design work on devaint art you get some feeedback
sometimes people do have negative comments but at the end of the day the work has to sell and if poeple dont like the work. The work wont sell.

so its good to get feedbck

here is were poeple liked the work above

lol i saw the other thread.
I did agree i didnt think meat was a good graphic symbol for aids awareness. I kinda saw what they fella was trying to achieve though. Once he explained it. oh poor guy he should have left it.

nice 1 any way

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