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I'm looking for a font that's as similar to the font used in the attached jpeg. I know the actual font was designed exclusively so I can't use it, so would like to know of anything similar.

Many thanks,

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Thanks penn.and.ink, seems to be only in caps though, I'm looking for upper and lower case ideally...

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The lower case reminds me somewhat of Democratica:

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There have been other threads about this font, named ExclusivelyCheshire, maybe there's something there:

I think, as riccard0 suggested, Democratica would be a good solution. Priori serif has some of that feel.

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I was in Chester just before Christmas and the first thing that struck me was that appalling font - it's everywhere and it's an eyesore; it is so badly done. That pseudo medieval feel is just totally amateurish. I seem to remember the Ww's are back to front.

You'd be better off using anything else in a similar vein.

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