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wack logo

I wanted to move away from the old logo of the gallery. The gallery specializes in glicee prints by artists such as Coop, Shepard Fairey, Pizz, Clayton Brothers.

So I wanted to exploit the eccentric nature of the art by using a circus-cum-western look to the logo. To seperate its identity from other galleries.

I would apply this logo to a very eccentric corporate identity. To reflect the art and its buyers.

Sock it to me!

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I should have added that I have concerns about the addition to the H. I am unfamilar with the term. I felt it needed sealing somehow - to keep the eye moving past the OF to the W.

Is not a final logo. So I am keen for feedback.


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hi gareth
i like the look of it

i think that the vertical of the H are too separate and it generates a too present space, about the prolonmgation on the H i suggest you to excercise a more fluid one like the K one.

good luck


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The skewing of the logo gives it an uneasy look, as if it's falling or slipping away, but then it looks as if it's out of wack, so its form is expressive of the name. It has a tension in it, I almost expect it to do something.
I can't offer any negative critique on the type itelf as I'm just a hack graphic designer to begin with.

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