Mafra, my debut typeface!

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DSType just released Mafra, my debut typeface!
A type family suited both for editorial and corporate design, available in five weights, ranging from Light to Black with matching italics. Mafra is a contemporary typeface with plenty of style, asymmetrical and very dynamic serifs, and pleasent openness and balance.

As always I would love to know what you guys think about it!
Check it out at

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I like the italic /r/.

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@eliason Thanks!

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Great work, Pedro! ;)

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@loligovulgaris Thanks! Your word are very much appreciated.

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Here's a more detailed picture.

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This is a beauty. I especially like the lc "g" and "y" in both Roman and italic.

Some italics seem too narrow compared the the Roman. This is nice and round and curvy.

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Nice work, Pedro-

Lovely work, with the weights as well. I did notice two things from my quick look: light weight tilde seems a bit heavy, and upper case Q has a floating tail, while ç has connected cedilla; while there is no way to confuse the tail of Q to tilde, it would be logic for them both to connect to base glyph. This is just my opinion.

Overall look of the font is awesome, and I relly liked the fi-ligature.

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que legal!

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@dinazina Thanks for the lovely feedback!

The italics have the same proportions as the roman, and i personally i don´t get that feeling. Did you noticed that in any particular character?

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Congratulations. Looks great!

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I think dinazina meant "some italics [in other fonts] seem too narrow... [but] This [on the other hand] is nice and round..."

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@Tomi from Suomi Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I understand your opinion about the Q tail being disconnected.
I decided to keep it that way because it had a direct relationship with some special characters such as the dagger, and as you said the risk of such confusion is really small in this case!

Ps: The italic "Q" has a a more calligraphic feeling and therefore a connected tail!

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@geraintf Obrigado!

@frode frank Thanks a lot!

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@eliason You are right I misunderstood that! Thanks for the clarification!

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Muito bom trabalho! "Great work!"

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@Houtro Obrigado pelo apoio!

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Parabéns Pedro!
Congratulations Pedro! It's nice to see how ex-students evolve in the real world with your talent and passion.

All the best,
Vítor Quelhas

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Very nice, congratulations!

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Obrigado Vítor!
It all thanks To the support of teachers and friends like you!

All the best,
Pedro Leal

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Thanks a lot Chris!

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