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I am a design student with a love for type and print as well as the challenges of type and web. I am looking for some good places to look for a job.

I'd love to work in book design/layout, but I enjoy all kinds of design. I'll be in NYC and Boston next month and would like to visit some places (I'll send out a little self promo piece prior to arriving). Anyone have any tips of some typographically fantastic design agency places?

If you know of some great places to work, and they aren't in NYC/Boston, please tell as well!




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If you’re in need of an entry-level job you’re barking up the wrong tree by going to New York. There are a lot of unemployed designers with years of experience who are taking work that pays less than a living wage. So unless your parents can pay your bills I suggest you look at cities with a better job market. If you really do want to work in New York it would be a good idea to update your portfolio to emphasize your web work and you need to get some Flash sites with actionscript gimmickry in there ASAP. There is very little paying print work in NYC these days-the last time I went to a studio that depends on print for revenue half the office was empty desks.

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