Doing some pieces on opposites using type. Help please! Need ideas for typefaces...

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Am doing a quick university project where I was looking at opposites, from collected responses about impressions. With these responses I am looking to create a set of posters stating for example -

I, Joe Bloggs am
[Opposite 1] - Font 1
but also am
[Opposite 2] - Font 2
according to survey #22 and #34.

I will be using a simple type for most of the poster, but want to find some type that best represents the opposite words. The opposites that I have are -

Geek / Chav

Introvert / Extrovert

Skinny / Fat

Short / Tall

Any ideas for fonts thats I could use for all these opposites. Be good to have fonts that are completely opposite, but still look together. But am open to all suggestions!

Will post up the finished pieces as soon as they are done :)

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Anyone? :)

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Skinny/Fat and Short/Tall, you can pick one typeface that has Extra Thin and Ultra Black weights, and Ultra Compressed and Extra Wide styles.
One that comes to mind, still unreleased is Dezcom's Dez Squeeze.
Or Storm's Moyenage:

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Go to and start looking through the fonts. I suspect that this was the goal of the assignment, not to have you come to a forum and ask us for suggestions.

Doing it yourself, you will learn something.

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Systematically answering this when one asks a question is not going to give any credibility to this forum. "I know it but I won't tell you because you have to work yourself"... Great. In my mind, part of an assignment is to ask for help to professionals, as well.

So, right off the top of my head:

Geek / Chav : i don't know one exactly, but for the 'geek' you should play with the numbers & letters like "G33K". / any graffiti type from Dafont.

Introvert / Extrovert : Mrs Eaves / Latino Samba

Skinny / Fat : Knockout 26 / Knockout 94

Short / Tall : Wide Latin / Univers 39

... just some basic ideas, there is surely some much better alternatives.

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Thanks for the helpful replies so far, will look into the typefaces that you have mentioned. Its not an actual assignment that we are being marked on, is just a bit of fun - so thats why I thought it would be ok to ask for a bit of help from people who know a hell of a lot more about type than me!

Keep the replies coming please :)

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