Detecting Reverse PS Hints with Python

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Hey Everyone,

I'm stumped. Does anyone here know how to detect reversed postscript hints using Python in FontLab?

Here's what I tried:

font = fl.font
glyphs = font.glyphs

for index in range(len(fl.font)):
glyph = fl.font[index]
vhw = glyph.vhints.width
if len(vhw) < 0:
print, vhw

I find there are two things wrong here (but I don't know how to fix them).
1. FL py reports width as not being an attribute of hhints
2. len(vhw) < 0 returns nothing even when I know those instances are present

Any help is appreciated.

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glyph.vhints is a list. You need to iterate through it as in:
for vhint in glyph.vhints:
print vhint.width


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Thanks Adam!

That makes sense. I tried what you recommended and now it gives me an error that vhints is not an attribute of glyph (?).


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You may need to define the list first as in:

for v in range len(glyph.vhints):


verthints = glyph.vhints
for v in range len(verthints):

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