Software questions for Building and Managing fonts

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Hi everyone,

I promised my boss I would find out some information for him and I knew this was the best place to come.

Questions 1: What software is out there for Macs to built fonts in?

Questions 2: Is there software out there that can be used to convert fonts across platforms? Most of the office is Mac based but a couple of people are PC and we need to have our fonts working on both.

He also wants a way of managing the fonts but I told him you can group fonts in font book and that gives you the ability to turn fonts on and off etc. I think he said he used to use Suitcase.

Thank you for the help in advance,

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1: Fontlab is your best bet, but there’s also Typetool and Fontographer (the latter freeware).
2: I know Fontlab can convert fonts to other formats, but remember to read the EULA carefully as this — in most cases — isn’t allowed. I’m guessing the other two can as well. This is rarely an issue as both TT and OT is cross platform, at least with newer Macs.

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I use Linotype FontExplorer X to manage fonts.

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Pretty sure Fontographer is not freeware. Maybe you were thinking of Font Forge.

FontLab also sells an app called TransType specifically for converting between different formats.

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Thanks Mark. Not the first time I’ve gotten that one wrong.

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check out


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