Sports logo critique/suggestions please

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I created a logo for a sports cafe and I would like some critique please. Feel free to tear it apart, I have a strong stomach, LOL. I am not really liking the *DINE* part of it but I am not really sure what else to do with it. Thank you.

I just added a second version that I like a bit better.

The last three images are what I came up with for the second round. I realize the full version is a bit large so I added a version with just the name and just the initials. The client asked to have the initials *GTD* with the text *Game Time Dine* and *Sports and Fine Dining* underneath.

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What about GameTime set in an arch, and DINE set in a varsity style slab?

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DINE in all caps definitely isn't working, that's just not a font that can be set that way. If you did choose to go that way I think an unobtrusive sans would be your best bet.

That being said I also had the thought of a varsity style slab for the logo, I think that could work well and would be a bit less cliched than your first attempt.

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Personally I don't think 'Dine' is the right word to use. When I read out Game Time Dine it sounds pretty awkward. I would also connect the word 'dine' to a cheap restaurant not a café. Do you have other options or is the client set on 'Dine'?

Agreed that the type for 'Dine' doesn't work. In the second version it's very crowded as well.

The Connection between 'e' and 'T' seems awkward. I think I would separate 'Game' and 'Time' and shorten the part of the e that sticks out.

Otherwise I like the typeface. I get a baseball feel from it which is suitable. The arch idea sound interesting that might work very well.

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What is DINE? Is it a command? "It's game time! Now, DINE!"

Do you mean Diner? It doesn't make sense right now (graphically or grammatically).

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Thank you for all of the input and I apologize for my delayed response. After continuing to tweak the logo I ended up completely changing the logo. I set *Fine Time Dine* in one size using main script font. I then added the text *Sports and Fine Dining* in Bembo, tucked between a swatch that I added to the *e* of *Dine* and I enlarged the *G* of *Game*. I showed it to the client and I am going to start over from scratch. I might use the same script font although I think I will change it to go for a classier look. Unfortunately the copy that was supplied by the client and I am stuck with it. If anyone would like I can post the changes I made. I will be working on the logo this weekend so I can post the redesign I come up with too.

Oh, and I got these fonts from The main font is Ballpark Script and the font in the swatch is Tideway Script. Just in case anybody was wondering. I should also add that I quick whipped this logo up as a favor to a friend and I am not all that proud of it. I will put more effort into the next round :)

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