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I'm involved in designing a logo for a research group that is going to be established soon. The research is in a field somewhere between natural sciences and their application in engineering. It's about the opposite of an art exhibition or a virtual social network internet site, so there is not much room for eccentric ideas.

There are now two basic choices, and slight changes to the design are still possible. Can anyone help me to decide between the two variants? Thank you!!



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Layout-wise - option (B), perhaps with "research group" set in even smaller size. Color-wise - single color.

However I would reconsider using the lowercase as it seems a bit too (artificially) friendly and playful for something that fits your brief. Or I would try getting rid of /i/s dot, see if it works.

Also, M-O is a bit too loose.

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I second apankrat;s comment. I guess the idea behind the highlighted 'i' is a play on gathering information?
While I like the concept, it makes me wanna read imismo.


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I would go for a symmetrical m.

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Maybe something along these lines:

Apologies for the crude sketch.

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Agreed on the all lowercase seeing too friendly. In riccard0's sketch there is at least a bit more of a sense of the technical to it though.

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Hi all!

Thank you all very much for the great comments and ideas!! We need to discuss all this in our group, so I'll give a somewhat more detailed response later on.

We had discussed using the font Insignia, but it appeared to much oriented towards art, not science. Especially with the "s" in the font of riccard0's example, the appearance is different. Block letters look somewhat too much like engineering, but that also probably depends a lot on the specific font that is being used.

Sorry for the m-o gap. We knew the logo would need some work once we settle for a specific design, but it's very helpful to know where this work is most urgent.

"i" is an abbreviation for "Instabilities" (we are not dealing with information in the sense used in computer sciences or with regard to databases).

I'm looking forward to following, and participating in, the ongoing discussion.


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""i" is an abbreviation for "Instabilities""

So would it be too playful to try and play with that?

(Very quick and dirty, hope you don't mind!)

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