Where to buy typography posters online

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Im looking at getting some typographic posters for my room. Ideally id like to get a fairly big Helvetica poster but im not to fussed. Ive had a look on the internet for some websites but have had no luck at all. So is there any sites out there that sell typographic posters?


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FontLab has a few posters for sale too, at:


A couple of them might be useful for decorating.

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thanks :D

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Just came across this post in my search for a new typographic poster for my walls. After spending hours and days searching for the right one, I finally found Danish design agency Playtype. Wow, they have done some amazingly simple and minimalistic posters. Just wanted to share with other typo-lovers :-) btw. found them here: www.theposterclub.com - ended up buying two and got free shipping. So happy :-)

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