Wrong Unicode font rendering in Photoshop CS3 in Windows XP Pro

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I'm trying to render following Indic Script unicode text :

जितेन्द्र कुमार

in a a photoshop text layer. While this text in 'Arial Unicode MS' font gets rendered correctly in Firefox, IE, MS Word etc, text is rendered incorrectly in Photoshop CS3 (using the same font).

Please see visual differences in this image. Please scroll it horizontally.

And irony is that this text is rendered correctly in 'layer name'. Please see this image.

I've also tried all the combinations available in 'opentype' menu but still no luck. In fact most of the options are grayed out. Please see this image.

It truly seems some problem related to 'Ligatures' but only one ligature option ie 'Standard Ligatures' was available. Turning on/off that option didn't help either.

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please scroll the first image to get complete picture. Thanks.

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Have you tried this in Illustrator using the glyph palette? You might then be able to copy the type or the outlines over to PS.

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microspective, I don't have Illustrator. Though, I've seen this suggestion on various forums but unfortunately I can't try it.

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As far as I know, Photoshop CS3 does not support Indic scripts. See this thread for more information: Does Indesign CS4 support Indic scripts?

I will move this thread to the General Discussion Board, as this problem is apparently not related to type identification.

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As you may read in the thread referenced by Florian above, Photoshop only supports Indic scripts from version CS4 and beyond with the aid of specialized templates.

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One thing which I don't understand if it doesn't support Indic scripts in CS3, how come text is rendered correctly in layer name. See this image.

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The layer name is rendered by the operating system, not by Photoshop.

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> One thing which I don't understand if it doesn't support Indic scripts in CS3, how come text is rendered correctly in layer name.

This because the "layer" name is rendered via XP renderer.

If you only need those two words, you should use our backwards compatibility non-Unicode font "Sanskrit 99" downloadable at my Sanskrit website here


After having installed this font, which also works with non-Unicode-savvy Adobe applications, enter the following

ijteNÔ k…mar

and mark it up with the "Itranslator 99" font. That's it.

The result should look like this:


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Thank you all guys. Though nothing worked for CS3, Phinney's template for CS4 did the trick. I tested it on my friends machine. So I guess I'll have to upgrade soon.

One question: how can I recreate Phinney's templates in Photoshop CS4?

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what do you need to recreate? you can use the existing templates and save them as documents that preserve the correct script shaping or as new templates according to your specifications.

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Hi There,

I'm using Photoshop CS6 and I'm getting the exact same problem ?? Tried all threads and searched over the web no solution worked for me ?

Any idea ? Help ? appreciated ...

Many Thanks

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Use the same templates mentioned previously, that I posted on my blog. You should be able to open them in CS6.

I believe in CC and later these may finally no longer be necessary.

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