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Hi there,

I'm new here, and a full time GD also enrolled at OCAD.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone can help me find some
good type families. More specifically, I'm looking for commercial
serif families, nothing free, with a large palette if possible.
I'd also prefer OpenType over TrueType.

I've seen a lot of modern recuts that I liked of Caslon, Baskerville,
Garamond, and all of other classics. I've never really been able
to identify what they are but the outlining characteristics is that
they are very "clean" cut, compared to their classic counterparts,
and would set a lot better for wordmarks. Families like Adobe Caslon
set well in books, but really aren't what I would consider ideal
for workmarks and corporate id.

If anyone knows any good "modern" (not didone) recuts of classics,
please share them with me? Thanks.

PS: I've been looking through my FontBook for hours, some of which
aren't available in opentype, which is disappointing.

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Have you looked at this list of recently released serif families? Most, if not all, come in OpenType.

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