Cochin kerning trouble (alternate?)

Hi, I am working on a project where the style and theme is to late 1800s, early 1900s (hunting genre). We have chosen to use "Cochin" for titles... but found just out that there is no kerning settings. And that there is some problems with some ligatures like "fj" which is used quite a lot here in Norway. As an alternate we have found "Engravers' Oldstyle 205", which looks almost identical, but we don't know anything about the kerning. Anyone got another alternate tips or can confirm if there is any Cochin or Engravers' Oldstyle 205-variations that has ligatures and good kerning?

Any help is deeply appreciated!

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Hi Sindre,
which version are you using?

Cochin v4.0d5e1 (shipped with OS X 10.3 Panther) has indeed zero kerning pairs.
Cochin v6.0d3e1 (shipped with OS X 10.5 Leopard), however, has 1,386 kerning pairs (in the Regular). It also has 192 newly added glyphs, incl. Cyrillics. And the ligatures (fi/fl) can now be automatically substituted.

That said, there’s still no kerning (nor ligature) for ‘fj’. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer, in this case, Linotype?


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Thank you so much for a very enlightning answer. I didnt even know it bundled with OS X Leopard. Will check my cds right now. What is the best way to add my own ligature? What software should I use to modify the original Cochin font? And is it possible?

Once again.. thank you so much!

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I am trying to locate the Cochin font on the original OS X Leopard dvd.. but can't seem to find it... any tips?

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On my Snow Lep, it got installed by default: Cochin.ttc, v6.1d5e1 (Eastern Europe and Cyrillic, but still no Greek :-() Seems to be the same as Florian's v6.0d3e1, on a cursory glance.

It's supplied as TTC, and the favourite editor of this forum -- FontLab -- cannot handle these. FontForge can, and since it's free you might as well give it a go. At least, if the EULA allows it.

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From the font meta data:
This data is the property of Linotype AG and/or its subsidiaries and may not be reproduced, used, displayed, modified, disclosed or transferred without the express written approval of Linotype AG and/or its subsidiaries.

I would simply contact them.

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