Blackletter (Textura) basic formgroups

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Hey there!

Quick question. I've searched the web (and this forum) for hours now but I just can't find what I'm looking for.
I need the basic formgroups blackletter type consists of (the more variations the better).

Now that I think about it, is there a guide out there that breaks up blackletter forms to it's very basic elements, does anybody know of some kind of guide?

I'd be happy if someone points at the right keyword to search for. my typographic english is basic/intermediate so I wouldn't be surprised if I missed something on google.


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There is a small classification chart in this article that I wrote for iLoveTypography. Perhaps it could hep a bit.

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Hi Dösi,

in addition to Dan’s article (which omits the Kurrent genre, the script equivalent of Gebrochene Schriften – I suppose deliberately, as it never was significant in typography), there’s also the classification that Judith Schalansky uses in her Fraktur Mon Amour – basically a similar approach, with a finer differentiation of experimental (display) styles, see this overview PDF [3.8mb] by

As you speak German, see also the TypoWiki, Wolfgang Beinert’s Typolexikon, and this article by Bernhard Schnelle. Offline reading recommendation: Fraktur by Albert Kapr.

a guide out there that breaks up blackletter forms to it's very basic elements

Do you mean a list of form details like the Elefantenrüssel [‘elephant's trunk’]? I’m not aware of such a guide.

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Totally unrelated: For some wierd reason I always thought that C of yours was a space helmet, Dan!

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woha, thanks for your quick replies guys! The book "Fraktur" by Albert Kapr should be the thing I am searching for.

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((Frode, have you seen Dan's C at his apartment recently?))

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Hi Indra. I hope all is well. I didn’t remember the C, but wasn’t there an M?

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