Need poster recommendations

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A friend of mine is decorating her apartment and asked if I could suggest any nice posters with a typographic and/or design theme. Nothing too pricey as she's on a tight budget (just out of college).

I did a quick check of some online poster shops and found some vintage advertising art, some travel and movie posters with nice typography, etc., but most of them looked like posters you'd see for sale at stores everywhere; I think she's looking for something a little different or more sophisticated.

Any suggestions?

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I think has some really nice posters. Not certain if they are within budget, but there are so many good ones there she's likely to find at least something that strikes her fancy.

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Forgot to mention - you'll need to dig around to find all the posters. There's some gems hidden throughout the site.

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Some excellent suggestions; thanks!

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Let us know what she chooses :)

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Nice suggestions! But please share some more! *BUMP*

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I like very much this ampersand poster.

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Susan Kare prints:

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@corey holmes, blanka now has a cheaper option, print-process.

Print-Process is the sister company to Blanka,selling graphic art by leading designers,available in A2, A1 and A0 sizes. :)

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