Typeface for a vintage map

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Hello, I am a graphic design student, and I am working on a project using the theme of an antique map of the stars. I am a little stuck on the typeface. Here is a map I am using for reference. I love these typefaces, but I'm not sure what they are. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be wonderful! Thanks!

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If you want something similar I'd suggest Walbaum.

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Oh, I think you’ll like Mark van Bronkhorst’s Sirenne, based on lettering from old maps just like you show.

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Great suggestions! Very helpful, thank you.

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For a (partly) connected cursive, see also Kursivschrift Liegend.

It might be obvious, but the letters in this map are not typefaces, they were hand-drawn.

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Map printed in Switzerland (1980?), italic

My (quick and dirty) recreation; roman, italic numerals

As I know this face is not available as digital font :-(

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It isn’t typeface at all, it’s engraved lettering. Though the very style is exactly what inspired Bodoni, Didot and Walbaum to cast metal type resembling this ductus of letters.

Would you mind to tell us the date and place of publication of this wonderful map?

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… oh, I’ve spotted the date right now :-)

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I just noticed a new addition on MyFonts that looks like what you want - Antiquarian:

Not quite as eccentric as Sirenne, but definitely has that hand-inked look.

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