Biome (formerly called Nebulon) is now available

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Hi Typophiles,

I've got some more to do to get the little splash site working properly, but I wanted to announce that Biome Wide is now available on and More resellers coming up. Take a look at

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Nice! I'm liking that "g".

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Good stuff. I'm not sure why, but it really tickles me that Biome has old-style figures available.

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(How do you pronounce it?)

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Phonetically it's BY-ohm. Simple. Means ecosystem.

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Very funky! Nice work :)

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Carl, I noticed Nebulon in TDC's Typography 30 and was very taken with it. It looks very legible in that tiny-size text sample. Congratulations for being selected for excellence in type design.

Considering all the styles and weights the renaming must have been a pain.

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Hi Nick!

As you probably know, naming isn't fun in FL anyway. The challenge seems to be getting all those fields filled correctly. Note that this release is only the Wide set; Square and Narrow sets to come later.

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Currently 85% off. Killer deal.


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Directly from Monotype - but it's already too late. :-( Their "fire sales" last only one day (plus there's a limit of 200 units).


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