25% off @ Fonts.com, 1 day only

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Save 25% off any online purchase from Fonts.com, now through midnight, March 11, 2010 (PST). Simply enter the coupon code YDZLU in your shopping cart.

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> 25% off any online purchase from Fonts.com,

With all due respect: who cares? They have money to burn on their advertising/marketing (if not -- they have the News/Release section)

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I still have copies of old U&L magazines. Online version is still working.

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Nice. Just picked up Freight Sans and Priva Pro.

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“Fonts.com Secret Sale - 25% Off Entire Order”

“We’re rewarding those most loyal to us with a special promotion only available to Fonts.com newsletter subscribers.”

Hah! So much for that.

But they probably won’t mind as long as they get to build their mailing list out of the deal.

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