What materialized associations do you get...

... with these:

  • software development
  • positive team spirit
  • flexibility
  • visual creativity
  • number 7

What real life object/idea/story associates you with the upper list. If possible, combined together.

david h's picture

are you a motivational speaker? :)

Si_Daniels's picture

For me personally the "number 7" indicates when Mac OS starting going downhill and when Windows started to improve.

Cheers, Si

litera's picture

@David: NOT that I would know. :) The thing is I'm bad with associations when it comes to my own designs. REALLY BAD.

@sii: you made me laugh. :)

miha's picture

It reminds me of Lego blocks.

hrant's picture

Robert, I want to make sure I understand what you want - could you explain it more?

Simon: I liked 8 the most.


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