beerlabels part deux

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This is my new baby (and homebrew) Z beer
please let me know your thoughts

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The back is brilliant!

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indeed, the back is brilliant....the front...well it's there. I'd be inclined to use the concept as presented on the back more.

text between the angled stroke.

great stuff.

how's it taste (or how far off crackin the first are you)?

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What they ^ said about the back.

Consider setting the slash in "12 oz / 5%" at the same angle as Z.

And do you really need the mark at the front? I'm just thinking to carve out "BEER" in a heavier weight on it and that's it.

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Consider setting: beer/12 oz/5%, the Z logo will shine more.

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thanks for the feedback, i will definitely take those suggestions about the "beer" and the slant into consideration.
Thanks =!

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When & where will this be available?

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also, since this has been revived.

Z brew could work very nicely(instead of 'beer')...keeping the jovial vibe going.
(presuming it's being pronounced zee...though zed would work too)

Speaking of which...why does Bruce Willis call Z 'zed' in Pulp Fiction...having been taught the Queen's English I say 'zed'. Don't Americans say 'zee' (or am I misinformed)?

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Zee as in "Zee Germans"? :)

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