Ninth Annual St Bride Conference Announced

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DIY Design
Ninth annual St Bride Library conference

* Thursday 27 and Friday 28 May 2010
* £120 full-price (£90 Friends of St Bride Library).
Concessions £50 (£35 Friends of St Bride Library) for full-time students and over-60s
* Bonus: If you’re not a Friend we will include membership in the price of your ticket

Design work of originality and distinction is often the result of individuals taking it upon themselves to do things differently:

* by moving away from the styles and conventions of their time;
* by not waiting to be asked and just doing it anyway;
* by taking control of aspects of production which are normally left to others;
* by undertaking projects which are driven by a desire to push the boundaries of what can be achieved; or
* by seeking to build on, rather than imitate, the lessons that can be learned from their predecessors and contemporaries.

The ninth annual St Bride Library conference will celebrate the work of all those who have chosen to do things differently. Why not join us to broaden your own thinking and find out how you might do things differently yourself.

Speakers include Mette D. Ambeck, Martin Andrews, Paul Antonio, Petr van Blokland, Hudson Bec, Mark Frith, Linzie Hunter, Helen Ingham, Michael Johnson, Ann Pillar, Teal Triggs and Wolfgang Weingart.
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