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Haven't been here awhile.

This is the very beginning of a new logo. It has started on a piece of paper and this is the first digitized draft (and just a draft). I'm deliberately not providing any additional info on the logo, because I would like to hear from your:

  • critique of this draft
  • associations/emotions you get by looking at it
  • what came to your mind when you first saw it
  • what industry you think could be suitable for
  • what other ideas may popped up your mind
  • any suggestions you may have

Thank you very much.

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I like the last iteration. But the symbol need to be placed as far away from the o as possible.

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I started working from scratch. Paper, pencil... I'm preety sure that those dots don't work as expected anymore. I'm not really sure. I kinda don't like them, because they ALWAYS need wordmark as well.

(Those 111 mean 7 in binary)
(Those squares wanna-be's are negative 111)
(Others mainly doodles...)

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Definitely not the pd ones (1st column 3rd and 4th down).

The dotted ones are not working for me either. I think dots need to form a meaningful shape for them to be usable without a wordmark. Perhaps try building a P out of them?

I really like 4th down in 4th column. If it was meant to be a take on @, then it's spot on. Very Internet-ish.

Another observation, may or may not be helpful - there are seven letters in the name.

The idea with binary notation is probably going to be lost on a vast majority of viewers, programmers included. I would've not deciphered it, and I am a Comp Sci major. There is however something in the idea. Perhaps use 7 somethings in a row and shade 3 last of them differently? Though in this case 8 somethings would make more sense...

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I kinda like the "p" as @. It was meant to be similar to @ yes. And the other ones with similar shape represent a 7 with rounded shape around it (we write strike through 7 here in our country) so it's a 7 with circle around it that makes a shape of P.

Anyway. These @-like signs have to be tweaked to complement the style and shape of letters. thanks for your comment @apankrat.

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Ok. These are digitised versions of what I've been drawing on paper. The three ones I liked the most and found most interesting. Anyway. Here they are in type matching style:

P as @:


7 + P:

A new digital P (unsketched):

I must as well say that I'm sorry for posting so many indecisive versions of the logo. The main problem that I'm having is originality. The one with scattered dots/circles is not really useful as a logo I guess (because it doesn't really have a symbol even though there's graphic used in it). And I haven't found a good logo with similar approach that is clever and I could say: "ok this is the way to go."

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I couldn't really decide whether I should show this one or not, but here it is now. I've obviously made the decision. ;)

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P as @.

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hi, sorry for my english but i follow your work since sky lark (beautifull logo!!) and this time your logo is missing some story, some emotion side. I dont know why you show us the first logo. I think you did it because is the best one. Try to rework details with the first one. Maybe if this is a farmaceutical logo, the 3° logo is a very good option.
I hope you undersatnd my poor english.
bonne chance

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Sorry I want say the #2 logo and not 3°

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I must say (having spent most of my creative career as a pen-and-paper designer,) that I find this modern way of sharing and working online interesting and yet strange. OK do not mind me, but so far I like the digital P (unsketched) the best - it is slightly derivative from the XP logo concept of dots, but it is original enough, and has a dynamic energy, shows the stars in a stylized fashion, and is related to computers because of the digital aspect of full and empty pixels.

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@paluro: I don't really know which one is #2 or 3°? I know which ones are "P as @", "Ones" etc... as I've labelled them... If non of them are, please refer to my designs with post time-stamp displayed.

@Vladimir: I don't know to which XP logo are you referring. Can you provide a link to it?

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I'm guessing Vladimir meant old Xerox logo.

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@apankrat: Could be. Thanks for the link.

Here's a colour version of the last logo that I kinda like even though all it has is a "7". That's the most relation to Pleiades as I can think of with this symbol. This symbol is as close to type style as I can make it. So instead of making pure square I've rounded it, also making some vague relation to a computer monitor (duh)...

with some zoomed-in detail:

I must admit (against much liking from you guys) that my version of "P as @" is not really working, because it seems too busy. Maybe it would work if the curve around "p" would be a bit bigger so it wouldn't be too close to the letter, but unfortunately it would be quite hard to make the connection with it on the left side and still keeping it symmetric on the right side...

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This last one, while good, says to me more TV network than programming venue.

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@Vladimir: I don't know to which XP logo are you referring.
@I'm guessing Vladimir meant old Xerox logo.

It is an old Windows logo - sorry it may not have been XP but Win 98! Here it is

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This is for me #2

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free elements an geometrical shapes are dinamic for this subjet.
Tha last logo work in your post of "13.Apr.2010 3.38pm" I like it too,
very good work but"seven" is it so important to communicate?
Good work

PD:do you work inparing the concept with key word "soft"

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@paluro: Seven is just as important as those seven shapes/bubbles are. Basically they're not important. Number seven relates to Pleiades greek mythology or broader meaning of pleiades (seven equally minded people)... So seven (in any way shape or form) is just a symbol that's related to pleiades.

The thing I don't understand in your post is: "do you work inparing the concept with key word "soft"". Can you elaborate a bit on this as well?

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Ok. This is slowly getting to the point when I become fed up with it and stop working on it for a while. To popular demand I've made a usable version of the logo P as @.

I've tried putting type lower (a bit further away from the symbol), but they looked too disconnected. Anyway. I realised that I don't like this logo too much because I may have a problem with the local mobile provider Mobitel with this logo (brilliant in my opinion). It's not that company businesses compete for the same market, but this logo has a very strong brand...

And while looking at this latter logo I can only realise what a bad job I've done with my logo. :( Too busy... too much info... not memorable... I think that "7" logo is stronger in this regard.

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I like the way the "p" and the "i" merge in a figure and ground manner in that last one.

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Anyway folks. For the time being the Seven Pleiado logo is what's used. For now. Until I get a breakthrough idea that would make it more software development and design with a twist... ;)

"p as @" was way too busy, the "scattered logo" didn't actually work as a logo without an actual symbol. Those scattered dots were merely logo background.

So that's it...

...for now...

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again, I'd love to have over a month to develop a logo.

what are you guys doing that I'm clearly missing?

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@Ratbaggy: I'm not sure I understand what you're asking? Would you like to say that:

  • you always have to finish a logo in much less than a month or
  • you're never able to finish a logo in less than few months...

If your problem is the first one, than you'll have to convince your customers that a long-to-be-used-logo is a complex process that can't be done in a few sketches and digitised in a week. On some rare lightning-strikes occasions when you get a really great idea in the first second and also execute it perfectly.

In my case, meetings usually stretch on a longer time scale so even with a great idea I wouldn't be able to finish it in less than a month. Usually.

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I don't really know how to charge people for "conceptualizing" as a freelancer. Can I get your advice?

Are you charging your client per hour for all the time you brainstorm? How many hours are you up to now and how do you justify it to your client if they question it?

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#2 all the way.

This word is floating amongst the stars. It's engaging, deep, and meaningful.

I disagree entirely with the notion that the stars are merely a background to the logo. They ARE the logo.

Refer to the Bahamas logo:

I know this is a little late, but I really feel that this direction is the strongest and most interesting. The stars only need to be stronger.

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