(x) TOM FORD - what font is this logo? - probably custom, various suggestions {gang}

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Hey does anyone know what font Tom Ford's logo is? Also maybe you guys could give me something similar to it if it turns out to be a custom font.

Thanks Thanks Thanks

Here's the link: http://blog.iso50.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/img014-450x82.jpg

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Most likely Gotham by H+FJ :)

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Oo almost. That one is pretty close. But the 'M' is different. I wonder if they just used Gotham and altered the M themselves.

Thanks anyway.

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Pretty close to Akzidenz Grotesk in some of the Medium weights.

- Mike Yanega

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Came up before, Proxima Sans/Proxima Nova were suggested then.
Ezzo Bold is also similar.

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Or Mark Simonson's Proxima Nova, even closer.

- Mike Yanega

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Beat me to it Florian.

- Mike

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Thanks everybody. Yeah it looks like the M was custom. But a couple of those are really good.

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The font is similar with:



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Wow Liberation sans looks identical almost. Really good font. Thanks!

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It also looks like a altered version of Avenir...

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