A font with little to no counters

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I am looking for suggestions for typefaces with little or no counters, I want to use large type to put images in.

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I immediately thought of Facebuster. I have never used it personally, but it always catches my eye, and such a great name. A font with no counters: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/facetype/grafinc/.

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Klimax by Ondrej Jób has little counters in the Plus weight which may help preserve letter shapes if you're going to put images in it.

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Blou from YWFT.
Corpulent from Suitcase Type.

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The (famous) 'Fat Font Fad' list, compiled by Stewf › http://typophile.com/node/42643 ;)

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Dez Squeeze works well as a picture frame


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Tank from Typodermic was designed for framing images. There are counterless alternates.

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Joufflou NF fills the bill. Vacation Postcard NF, a freeware font, was developed specifically to mimic image-filled postcard type. A commercial version (improved outlines, expanded character set) will be coming out soon.

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Leyton by The Colour Grey.

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I just happened upon Big Foot and rememebred this thread...


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