Tired of Helvetica Light Extended

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All magazines that think they've got something serious to tell about wellness, as well as lots and lots of companies that operate in the field of well-being, find it hard to choose anything different from Helvetica Light Extended. I don't blame them, it looks awfully good (I was going to type awesome, but that's a bit too much...).

Anyway, I thought "Why not make them an alternative?". Light, wide, clean... I've used a big part of my free Sunday to draw up some glyps. They need a lot more work, but I'ld like to hear your opinions for now...


Helv XLE alternatief.pdf221.05 KB
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Splendid idea! Perhaps you should stretch n, h and u a hair's breadth wider. H and N even more. "g" looks good when it is big but when it is small the neck looks a bit clumsy. Perhaps try to lower the loop a little bit.
Good luck with the "s"!

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Cool! Reminds me of the first font I purchased 20 years ago: Mr Jones from EFF, but less nineties!

Your cap A looks like there's a bit too much stroke contrast.

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Hey, lovely idea here! naturally being a art school student, I grown quite a pious reverence for helvetica in all it's forms, but its cool to see it alternatives being thought up.

I like the idea present in the /K/ but it seems pretty wide.

The simplicity of the /G/ is exciting to me, maybe a similar treatment for the /Q/?

There is something weird in the joint of the /Y/, not quite sure what but take a closer look.

The right of the /W/ has a weird moment at the baseline joints.

Maybe you can play with the flag of the /r/ its pretty intense right now.

Regardless, nice stuff going on here. There is really something about the /G/, maybe it's just me.

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