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hey all,

i'd appreciate your feedback on those two works.

1) CMS called "EL" or "el"
Well, this one should connect the name with resemblance of editing content - you know, all the paragraph edit / text edit icons you can find in text editors nowadays.

2) community of young physicists, chemics and technicians called "FactInfo"
This one should look a bit like a blueprint or something and on the other hand, its simply F and I (as for FactInfo) put together.

So please, let me know what do you think of those.

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The second one is clever and pretty well executed.
The first one doesn't work so much.

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Um, thanks for feedback.

What do you think, if i change the first one in such manner:

would it make a difference? or should i rework it completely?

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I don't think the first concept works, at least not for me. I don't recognize the icon as a paragraph/text edit one. The second version doesn't help either. I think the idea might work but the text edit part needs to be much clearer if I'm gonna make that connection.

I like the second work (Factinfo), looks very nice. Feels like the top bar of the 'F' could be shorter, this would probably mess up the angular triangle though. If you'd like the bluprint feeling to come across I think it needs to be thinner, maybe outline the symbol but you don't really need that it works as it is. Other then that, very pretty.

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Sorry for my previous terseness. The first logo, as noticed by kattttor, make difficult to recognise the E as paragraphs. Furthermore, it reads more as E/ than EL.
For the second one, in order to de-emphasise the upper stroke of the F, you could try to "raise" ever so slightly the i, making it a little bit longer and nearer to the F's upper stroke. I also would experiment further with the placement, size and typeface of the wordmark.

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Thanks for your feedback, ill try your suggestions. Thanks again

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