InDesign question: How to export PDFs without a line running down the center of the spread

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This is a difficult thing to search for since 'line' means a number of things within the scope of InDesign and PDF.

I'm talking about the small black line down the middle of each spread, and sometimes (I don't know why) outlining the entire page. Sure, I can cover them up with white lines in the master pages, but is there some way of keeping them from ever exporting?

I'm using CS4. Crop marks are turned on; PDF export follows the document's 0.125-inch bleed settings. I'm exporting to Acrobat 5 by default.


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These lines must be in your document. A white frame with a black border for example.

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David, I think someone drew some rules on a master page so that on printouts it would be clear where the trim would be. The reason the rules appear only on certain pages is that the document uses several different master pages, and only some of them contain those rules.

Find the master page(s) that contains those rules and just delete the rules. (The Pages panel will tell which master is applied to which pages.)

OR, if you want to keep those rules but just don't want them to appear in PDFs, use the Layers panel to create a new layer, move those rules to that layer, and turn off that layer before making a PDF.


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Thank you both. It was as simple as getting rid of the unwanted things that were present in the master pages.

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