Bitmap halftone screen effects in vector?

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hey, just wondering if anyone knows of a program/plugin that does bitmap halftone screen effects in vector? i thought kpt vector effects might, but i think its gone out of production.


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KPT didn't have that function. There's a couple ways to do it. The best way is to create your halftone screen in photoshop, and then run it through Streamline, or another autotrace function. The roughness of the autotrace can lend a good look to that, but I wouldn't use it with anything over say 20 lpi or so. The dots would just be too small, and have too many points.

The second way, which is less likely to work consistantly, is to use the set lpi function in Freehand. However, a lot of imagesetters will just override that, and you'll end up with a flat field or gray or color.

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thanks sean, youve given me a few ideas.

pity there isn't a program or plugin out there that can do this in vector, as i would have liked to be able to do all the halftone screen effects; round, lines etc. without the chunkiness of a bitmap.

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1 iota -

Besides what Sean's something else you can do.

After you convert, select all the points and go to

Edit > Convert to > Circle

Actually, you will have to deselect the "main piece"
or pieces.

the surrounding halftone blips will
become decent looking circles instead
of malformed globs, a'ite mate.


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sweet, thanks bj.

i'm an illustrator man myself, but looks like i'll have to pick up a bit of freehand.

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