New Clarendon

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After plugging away at fontlab for about 40 minutes trying to remove the ball terminals from Clarendon I decided to ask the Typophile community if any of you can suggest a slab similar to Clarendon without ball terminals.


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I am a designer, and over the past 2 years I have created several typefaces (Latin 9). I have done this at my salaried job. I also do freelance design and have recently been asked to give someone a quote for a Latin 9 San-serif character set. Does anyone out there have a general pricing guide they use for freelance type design?

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Thanks Stephen, Giza looks great. Also trying Aachen but the serifs are a little to stubby.

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Aaron. Please don’t hijack threads or post the same question in multiple threads. Just have a little patience and you’ll probably get some good answers. Also searching via google (“ yoursearch”) might turn up something.

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