Marion Kay Spices Logo

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I am working on rebranding a spice company in southern Indiana.
Here's just a sampling of what I have to work with:

I drew up this fairly quickly from a sketch I had done.
I'm eager to have better eyes tell me what needs to change.
As I'm posting this I am already seeing a couple weight issues.
I'm not sure about that K...

Let me know where you see I need to change things.


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While infinitely better than the starting point, it gives me a feeling of yacht club...

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I am not getting the feeling of the World’s Finest Spices and Extracts from your chosen color scheme, either.

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It makes me think of old men playing polo. I don't think the colors work either. When I think of spices I think earth tones and vibrant reds... maybe yellow but that's a very small maybe.

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I agree about the colors.

Regarding the lettering: "r"/"i" doesn't read well for me, but that might very well be culture specific. Also, and this might be a stupid question, what's that crossbar on top of the "M"? Looks like it's trying to be a "T" or a pi. Pie spices? :-)

Also, that tittle (i-dot) really is a bit too Doritos. (Link to picture of Doritos bag)

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