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I'm designing some panels to an exibit.
The previous designer used MS Comic Sans for the photo descriptions.
I don't want to design the new panels much different from the existing ones, but I refuse to use MS comic Sans.
Is there any similar font, very close to Comic Sans but a little bit more formal?
A font that the client may not notice the difference at a glance.

I found Chalkboard to be very close to Comic Sans, but it is still to informal.

Thank you.


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Thank's for the link chrisherron.

Nice try, but lot's of informal alternatives.
And MBV Pedestria is too much formal...

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What's the exhibit for / about? (That kind of marker felt stuff might be appropriate for a kiddie-comics convention or maybe a trade show of elementary school classroom supplies?)

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"very close to Comic Sans but a little bit more formal"

I'm not sure you can have both. Either it's going to be close to Comic Sans OR it will be a bit more formal.

For something that's handwritten, I like Mark Simonson's Felt Tip family:

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Maybe it's still not right, but Burbank?

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(Someday the world may have my Emi, but not yet...)

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I secretly said a little prayer for you because you refuse to use Comic Sans. You deserve to live a very blessed life. :)

Apple Casual
Happy Sans
Bradley hand
Pea Sue's Print

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Perhaps Markup might work?

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What about Helvetica Rounded?

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I was away for a few days and now I'm back I see so many tips.
Thank's to all.

I may not explain myself clear.
I'm not looking for an informal font, or for a kiddie look.
I'm trying to silently change the panel exhibits from Comic Sans to a more serious font.
The earlier designer before me used Comic Sans and the client accepted.
But now that I'm designing new panels and material for the exhibit I would like to evolute to a bit more serious font.
If I radically change the font the font, the client may not like.

From all your suggestion, FF Duper OT Bold may be the one that is more close to what I look for (if there exists...).
For now I decided to use Chalkboard, that is very close to Comic Sans, but the ascenders and stems are not so curvy.

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P22 Peanut, Chaparral?

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ITC Legacy Sans (this one could also be a good replacement for Papyrus)

ITC Highlander

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