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Hi all,

This is Slicka, (name still be decided), I've been working on it for a short while now. It's basically a complete overhaul of my brothers font, Slick 69, which I always seemed to use quite a bit of when I was designing any surf related stuff. I always swore I was gonna redesign it the first chance I had cos' I really think it's got some interesting characters. Anyway, I just really liked it and I like my bro' too!

I need your help tho' cos' I can't see the wood from the trees anymore. I'm just not sure on a lot of the characters and I don't know whether everything needs to be toned down a bit or cranked up a notch! I guess I just need some motivation and some advice from the wise 'jedi counsel'.

Anyway, here are my initial sketches...go mad!

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Oops, I'm new!

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Yep. It has got character :)
"Slicka" mean lick in swedish... that's a cool name. Nothing beats sacrednipple inc though, that's just awesome. :)

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I like it a lot.

One thing that confused me a little was that the loop of the K is closed on the title (making it look like an R) but open lower down.

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this is a great one.

You have putten up the letters with exact billiance (and a most interssting order. :) )

How about the star/* letter, why not expand it, it is maybe a little bit thin when it goes with the rest of the char-set.

Keep up the good work.

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Hello, Brode, I've always been a fan of your work with Sacred Nipple!
To be honest I never liked so muck Slick69 but it seems you've reworked it in a really remarkable way in this new version.
Honestly, it works great. My only observation (coming also from Slick69) is that the lower legs/stems of R, K, r, k, j, y et al shoud be better reserved as alternates to me.
If you put non-swashed versions in the set you will probably get a stronger harmony, while the Swashed ones could be useful for beginnings and endings or for a more economic use (the ones pointing right clashes with the ones pointing left, that's the "problem" I see).

Keep up your fantastic work. Sooner or later I'll have to purchase that issue of i-Jusi devoted to type.

BTW, iAlfabhethi, iZulu and Rural, among the most recent Nipple types, are strokes of genius (also the names). Holier used to be one of my favorites and Birthriot is a really beautiful different take on P. Scott Makela's Dead History. Shoe Repairs is one of the most beautiful "naif" lettering samples turned into type.

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