Complementary Typeface for custom script wordmark

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Greetings all. First time poster. I've trying to find a pairing face for a custom wordmark that I've done for a mixed martial arts company (yuck, I know). The wordmark is comparable to something like the ford logo. I can't seem to think of anything that really works well enough for me to present.



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Can you post an image of the logotype? It might be easier to generate ideas if we can look at it.

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Forgot to ask before, but what will the pairing typeface be used for? A tagline? Body copy in brochures? On the web? Sans or Serifed or either?

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taglines, body copy in catalogs and web. I'm up for either sans or serifed.

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something like syntax seems to be working for me.

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To get the ball rolling and not knowing exactly what they're going for (modern/clean, funky/interesting, etc.), I'll throw a few out there.

[Bad link] might be an interesting companion serif

[Bad link] is a strong, modern slab

[Bad link] is a sans with interesting roundness to it that might work

And then there's always Futura that pairs well with the name


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Futura condensed seems to be working pretty well. It's a big aggressive, which fits the target audience. Thanks for the help.

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The "r" looks a bit thin.
I would remove the spur on the left stroke and make that thinner, while thickening the right stroke and adding a spur to that.
Also make the right stroke of the "r" closer to x-height.

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hmm...I agree with making the left stroke thinner and the right one thicker, as well as moving the right stroke closer to the x height. I think the spur should stay where it is though, the rest of the characters have a spur on the left, but maybe the contrast is a good thing?

I certainly appreciate the feedback.

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I would join the u+r just like the u+t: now I almost see a w.

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I was concerned about the possible 'w' being visible. I showed it to a number of people and it didn't seem like a big deal. Do you really think it is? It would take a lot more time to fix that.

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It's that the thinner stem of the r is very rigid compared to all other letters.

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mixed martial arts company (yuck, I know)

I'm sorry but I don't share your feelings here.

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Has anybody looked at those counterspaces? Now that I saw them, It's hard (sic) to think this logo for MMA. Special attention (sic) to o-r counter…

It could be just me, though.

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