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Hi, longtime lurker here, best type site in the world!

I did a search but had no luck, even searched google using the site: command, topics came up, but when clicked on, did not go where it should, so I am posting here. I am a web designer and with some down time, I have been focusing more on type. Do you have any favorite css typography sites that you visit and can recommend?

I found a these and enjoy them.


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Here are some links to some great info on CSS font stacks.
A Way Back
Smashing Magazine
Code Style
Unit Verse

And one on @font-face
Nice Web Type

Hope this helps!

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Thank you! Very useful.

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A resource which will be finished some day, hopefully soon.

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A little different kind of resource:

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That typogridphy is life changing! :)

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Ah, just joined up after noticing some hits from this page.

First off, glad you like Typogridphy, and it is currently having a complete rewrite: http://csswizardry.com/typogridphy/preview/

Secondly, I just released http://csswizardry.com/type-tips/ which focusses on web type, which may be of some use to the OP.

Now, where's the introductions thread?

All the best,

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Typogridphy is great! Can you estimate when your second version will be ready?


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Now, where's the introductions thread?

There isn't. But you can use your "blog":

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