Need alternative to Courier and complementary sans

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I'm working on an annual report for school and have been using Sabon Next and Courier so far. I like the feel of Courier but it's set width is pretty wide. I was wondering if there was a typeface with a similar feel that doesn't set as wide. It doesn't have to be a monoface.

Also I'm curious if you guys have any suggestions for a third typeface (a sans-serif) that may complement the two.

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Being somewhat wide it's characteristic of monospaced typefaces.
The most known proportional typeface with a typewriter look is American Typewriter, which comes with a condensed style as well (
But there are plenty that share a similar look:

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I like the unchanging line widths of Courier (gives it a very technical quality). Unfortunately American Typewriter does not share that same quality.

Here is what I have thus far. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

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Andale Mono is my favorite monospaced font. It's not so much a complement to what you're already using, but it could be used in place of Courier. It's one of the MS core web fonts so you should have it. It's a sans-serif, and a bit narrower than Courier, so it has more of a coding than typewritery feel to it, and I don't see it used all that often compared to other such system fonts.

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You also may want to remove the underline from "Financial Highlights".

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