Smirnoff ad face - Life Is Calling. Where are you?

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Hi there, does anyone know what font has been used for this? i need to match it for a design i'm working on.
thanks in advance - KathyLife is Calling

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Hi Kathy, can you tell us where is the sample from?

It smells like "custom-corporate-face" to me.

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Could this be the work of Rian Hughes? Or maybe Christian Schwartz?

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Hm, was about to post this as a new type ID as the font caught my eye at the bus stop today.

It's very cool in a kind of Schwartz way but he lists his custom work on his own website, where this doesn't appear. Maybe someone has an idea?

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Well some online research has led me to Threeview agency in Edinburgh, who seem to be responsible for the latest ad campaign. I've just e-mailed to see if they can tell us the designer.

EDIT: Nailed it! Just discovered it is the work of a Jesse Ragan commissioned in 2003 through H&FJ, called Smirnoff. Nice work, Jesse.

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I would say, nice work Ben, to track that one down. I hope I can remember that answer, because this seems like something that we may get over and over.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks Mike, I figured the answer had to be somewhere and Google is very handy! :)

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