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It's been a while since I've done much topography or design work. A friend of mine has a music blog and asked me to juice up his logo a bit without changing the typeface and without '.com' in it. My eyes are really rusty, please give your appreciated advice.


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It needs some work.
You should try to even the spacing and to find a more uniform way to join the letters.

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I think there's something there. The "apped" goes well together, but the left side doesn't fit as nicely. I find it strange the C-l-a has letterspacing, and more than anything the "ta" has a sharp 90 degree angle that just shouldn't be there.

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Oh help, is that Harabara?
Try actually using Helvetica. I know you're not supposed to change the font, but Harabara is nothing but a bad ripoff of Helvetica with some corners broken off, so the flavor isn't really going to change. You could still remove some parts and round some corners if needed, but it's very likely to end up cleaner.

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