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A publishing house + industrial design + creative activism
that's what obscena is about. So i'm excited with this project and need your opinion on which type should i use. First I tried Neutra for its natural extended p... mean b from ob. And the some other options including the overusebutstillnice avantgarde. Tak a look also to symbol. should i keep it (ob) together right?

well about the company is about having fun, pleasure, with creative work, seriously professional and so I do need something timeless.

other types I've think of:
bodoni (oh yeah nasty)

really anxous

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i'd rethink that "ob" ligature
it look well... a little obscene to me.
but i guess maybe that's what they wanted, eh?
did they want the symbol of a phallus in their logo?

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I'm still trying to realise what you meant by "little"... may it be bigger? or that's obscene enough.

But also I have another question? Serious, I need a timeless obscene logo. so far I like Neutra, because i didn't changed anything i the type beside kern.

what do you, typophiles, think?

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i think it's plenty obscene, more than just "a little"

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> I need a timeless obscene logo.

Then you need to represent both sexes.

I think what you have is decent :-) but the "ob"* needs to be less of an abstract shape for it not to be read as "{a logo} + scene". The URW Antique sort of manages this (while the Avant Garde totally fails).

* Hmmm, interesting.


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Sorry Helder, it reads db to me the ligature doesn't work for me

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quite agree with you hrant, i'm still think the readability should be improved. and in that case the monogram would like more integrated into the logo. Agree with the antique comment. Well concerning the genres, it is representing both sexes. that's why it's obscena, and not obsceno, or even obscene.

any other sugestions of which font i could have a better effect than antique?

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or even i want to suggest a obscene logo, but does it need to be a ligature? what do u think if it;s not? not too obvious, but is it still obscene?

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well, have a look at this. I think the symmetry in ob with simple and avantgarde helps the monogram. Othe think is the "b" a bit higher, it also helps. But I still need your help, please tell me how to improve it.

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humm interesting, typographers are quite formal, nothing obsccene, maybe that's the reason i haven't got replies. Well, thanks those who have helped. cheers

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ummm - time for a female perspective I think. never mind the obsene-ness you guys are talkin bout.

Simply, stay away from the ligature idea. ob is a very popular brand of tampons, applicator free tampons at that - and ob in avant garde is their logo.

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thanks Tanya, that's what I need. Resaons why not to use a font or why use another. Agreed alson concerning the ligature, just a cheap joke. probably I'll leave it in bdoni or walbaum. Classic modern type making the obscene-ness with a clever sense of humor. Sensuality is the word, not explicity. I believe the fact the letter b is the only one with a ascendent in the word, is already enough. What do you all think?


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