TypeCon 2004 in San Francisco

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As you may know, Typophile HQ is in San Francisco. You
can bet we'll get involved as much as we are able.

It will be great to see what locals show up.

Here's an incomplete list of type designers / foundries in the Bay Area:

Jim Parkinson
Mark van Bronkhorst
FontShop / Erik Spiekermann
Delve Withrington
Test Pilot Collective

Who else?

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>> Who else?

Here are some bay area typefolk. Some may have moved
and forgot to tell Google.

Susan Kare

Carl Crossgrove

Sumner Stone (Palo Alto area)

David Lemon, Slimbach and others at Adobe, such as Alan Blackman

Typophile Aaron Sittig is at Berkeley

Andy Crewdson used to be at Berkeley.

David Siegel, who designed Tekton and Graphite, used
to work in the Bay Area.


Max Kisman (www.maxkisman.com) works
and teaches in the Bay Area.

Michael Abbink (FF Kievit)

Joe VanDerBos (www.JoeVanderbos.com)
is in Guerneville.

I remember seeing somewhere that Margo Chase was now
working in the Bay Area, but I couldn't confirm it.

She does work with Caroline Herter.



There are various sign painters and
lettering artists living in the Bay Area, too.
Too many to mention. + lots happening
with book arts.

Someone said that Emigre's principals live
in Berkeley. And Joshua Lurie Terrell, who
*is* typographi.ca [

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In addition to those already mentioned:

Josh Distler (shiftype.com)
Bob Aufuldish (fontboy.com)
Asa Peavey (of the SFPL)
Jason Castle (castletype.com)
Thomas Ingmire (thomasingmire.com)
Georgianna Greenwood
Jesse Burgheimer (down10.com)
Paul Veres (Calligraphics)
Robby Woodward (woodardworks.com)
Conor Mangat
Joe Stitzlen
Jane Dill
Mellisa Dinwiddie
Mark Eastman
Jack Stauffacher
Peter Koch
Alan Hillensheim
Ron Sellars
Alastair Johnston
Rob Sexton
Mills College (mills.edu)
San Francisco Center for the Book (sfcb.org)
Octavo Corp. (octavo.com)
Peachpit Press
Chronicle Books
Pacific Center for the Book Arts
Hand Bookbinders of California

And there are more, I'm certain.

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Great news! Something to look forward to.


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For everyone looking to get involved, there'll be a TypeCon2004 "Town Hall" meeting the week of August 11. Exact date, time, and venue TBD. Venue suggestions for this meeting are welcome.

We'll no doubt get a head start on planning during Kern Baby Kern II, which will take place Friday, August 8. Details to be posted shortly.

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How many members will be attending the town hall meeting?
If it's around 10, I can accommodate it at my place in Berkeley.
If, however it's likely to be more, I would suggest the SFCB.
I can inquire with them to see if they are willing/able to make
the space available.

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Excellent idea re the SFCB, Delve. They have agreed to let us invade their space.

The first official TypeCon2004 planning meeting:

Tuesday, August 12, 2003
San Francisco Center for the Book
300 DeHaro Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Tel 415-565-0545

Drop me a line and let me know if you're planning to attend. Bring your brains and your imagination, and we'll put together another amazing event.

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Should be fun. I look forward to seeing folks there!


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Great turnout at that first meeting. There were 22 people there, including a number of relative "newcomers" and a bunch of folks from the typographic education community (CCAC, City College, UC Berkeley, etc.).


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Yes, lots of folks! And yes, Tiffany, David Goines is indeed in Berkeley. I have a few prints in my home. His studio is on Martin Luther King way in North Berkeley, and is a great place to visit - he's very welcoming to visitors.

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How far outside of San Fransisco is Oakland? Any news on the dates...

I can't wait...


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It's approximately 9 miles. Depending on traffic conditions it
takes about 13 minutes to get to "Oaktown" driving over the
bay bridge. On BART (subway) it takes about 10 minutes to
go from (Embarcadero to 12th St.).

I don't know about the dates.

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cool. Normally when friends in the US say somewhere isn't far, it itakes the time I take to drive the length of the UK.

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In case it isn't clear, no specific city has been picked, but last I heard the leanings were towards SF proper.

Although Oakland can take about 13 minutes to get to from downtown SF, it's VERY dependent on traffic. The bridges can get horribly backed up during rush hour, so it can be an hour instead. The rush hour main direction is going Oakland to SF in the morning, and coming back in the evening.


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Out of interest, how many people do you normally get at Typecon?

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Michiel: I just subscribed (via iCal) to Christopher Simmons' calendar of design events in and around SF. There's a web page for it as well, if you don't have (or don't like) iCal.

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Isn't Illustrator/Poster Designer David Lance Goines in Berkeley? Call me a throwback hippie, but I love his work.

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ok, You're a throwback hippie.

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If you are part of the planning committee for TypeCon 2004, a private board has been set up to faciliate communication. Contact Tamye for details.


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Last TypeCon in Mpls was about 320, the year before in Toronto was 200. People say we could expect 500 in San Francisco, but we'll more than likely limit the number of attendees to well below that. We want to keep the warm and intimate feel TypeCon is known for.

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I am a (Dutch)lecturer in typography working in Ireland and will be visiting San Francisco during the last week of December 2003 and the first week of January 2004. I would like to visit typography related events during that period. Any tips?

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The conference is officially taking place in Oakland, but all the shoe shopping will take place in San Francisco. :-)

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