Where do I get Neo Sans Font Family?

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Highly entertaining.

Gustavo, I sincerely doubt that *any* German would want to visit you and your friends if this is your normal reaction to not supporting you with piracy.

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* Officially Out of Control *

Okay, piracy is one thing. Cultural slander? Come on, guys. This thread went from entertaining to nauseating in no time flat.

Note to new visitors: This is incredibly unusual behavior for Typophile. Welcome, and please check out more of this helpful (and otherwise very credible) resource.

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I'm leaving the forum. Forget me and disappear!

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Misguided cultural slander at that, seeing as how neither Armin, nor I are German . . .

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I wantt to remove my account of here. I don't want to frequent this. Where? How?

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From an argentinean to Gustavo;

You were not suspected of being a little mythological being (troll) but a certain kind of provoker of debate or 'flames' (see: http://www.jargon.net/jargonfile/t/troll.html).

Take your time and relax. Come back in a couple of days and learn from people who is not either xenophobic nor aggressive.

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@ Gustavo

The ugly font you are searching for can be found via Google! I don’t think, that it is immorally, if a kid uses an unlicensed font, as far, as it does not make money with the work, for which it uses the font, as far as it does not have much money and as far as it does not become attuned to use commercial software without paying for it. A font is not a car!

By the way, I am German, too. With regard to the speed of downsizing democracy, our constitution and civil rights, and with regard to upsizing our surveillance infrastructure we are actually in the mid-table of the Western European league. But at least we don’t have paramilitary units here, that shoot street kids to death. The scissors of poor and rich is much more open in Brazil. You don’t seem to know much about Germany. (Maybe your prejudices are valid in fifteen or twenty years.)

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I want to remove my account of Tyophile forum NOW!

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Misunderstanding. Former content removed. No misunderstanding. You have changed your user name, while I was writing.

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You need to tame yourself. When someone disagrees with you, he/she is not against you. People here did answer your messages with education even after your attacked them with unfair accusations. They even considered you're very a young boy who may confuse some words as English is not your native language. You may learn from them how to be polite and tries to understand other's point of view.

You will surely live many other situations where people will say 'no' to your interests. It's necessary to manage this and to understand this 'no'. This time all you need is to leave the forum. But the real life is not so simple.

For me, as a Brazilian, it's a shame to read these attacks you made, talking about dictatorships and Germans. Hope you do some reflection about this episode and ask yourself why everybody became 'against' you.

You may ask moderators to remove your accounts – I think you have more than one. Take a look at http://www.typophile.com/readme

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Gustavo (gusrejc1989 ) said:
I want to remove my account of/from here! I didn't find where and how I remove my acoount! Please, I don't want to frequent here.

It is my pleasure.

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This thread is a jewel in the rough!

BTW isn't Brazil, like, German?


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Guys, care for popcorn?

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I finished mine during the US election.


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