RMX version 1.6 out now!

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Version 1.6 of the Font Remix Tools is now
available for download from http://remix-tools.com.

This update includes a new tool, the RMX Harmonizer, and numerous little improvements. For further details please visit the website.

The Font Remix Tools are a set of plugins for FontLab Studio.

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Thanks a bunch, Tim! These are terrific tools.

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Thanks, Carl!

I have just posted a minor update, RMX 1.61:
Some additions to the manual and a minor tweak in the Slanter.

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[add new iCal activity] Upgrade RMX!

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Just to let you know that RMX 1.62 is out: better kerning for small caps and an optional auto-updater. See http://remix-tools.com for details.

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Could you prompt please, how to install RMX to system with WINXP and python 3.1? I can't install RMX with this configuration. I can't find installer of python 2.3.6 for XP. I keep instruction but macros window is not actively(

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I can't find installer of python 2.3.6 for XP.

Older versions are indeed a bit tricky to find on the Python website. Maybe I should add a direkt link on my website.

Python 2.3.5 for Windows can be found here:
which links to this installer file:

As far as I know, FontLab does not support Python 3 at the moment, and RMX depends on the FontLab system.

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Thank you! It work with 2.3.5

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