Unicode 5.2: Andron Mega now features new Old Cyrillic block

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Andron Mega has yesterday been released in version 1.2.
Among various other character and glyph additions (plus about 300) the complete coverage of the new block A640–Old Cyrillic in Regular is worth noticing.

The Andron Mega fonts package now contains altogether 13.590 glyphs in five fonts.

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Some incredible glyphs there! What is the pirate skull at the bottom left used for? It looks like the Slavonic version of Mr Yuck.

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What is the pirate skull at the bottom left used for?

For “Font pirats end as nasty skulls”.

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Ah, the new old Cyrillic block.
Reminds me of the bar in W.C. Field's The Bank Dick -- "The New Old Lompoc House".

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“Font pirats end as nasty skulls”

Hopefully, font pirates :-)

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[new Old…] rather then [new old…] ;-)
The block is officially named Cyrillic Extension-B, which doesn’t tell very much.

And sorry for the pinched e –

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