Combining Gothic and Script

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I'm working out a logotype for an individual who is committed to using a script font, but who's product directly references the middle ages. a starting point, I'm wondering if anyone can suggest an example of a font that has effectively integrated Blackletter/Medieval/Gothic sensibilities into a fairly clear script font like "English Script."



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Not a font, but related:

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Maybe something like Voluta Script?
(found via this search:

Or maybe you could try to combine these two:

and see what kind of unholy love-child could come out... ;-)

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Sounds like you need a French bâtarde. Not much to choose from in that sadly but understandably forgotten genre (which is devilishly hard to write), but have a look at Givry, TEFF Burgundica or perhaps David Aubert

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Hi All,

Great suggestions all 'round. Very much appreciated.

I've looked through them all and have begun a hybridized approach to a sort of 'regularized' Voluta Script and a thinned out David Aubert as a means to reconcile them. This 'new' thing I'm plugging into a similar but less swashy version altaira's "jagged moss" configuration. Just hand-sketched so far, but it's been surprisingly rewarding trying to bring the two styles/weights/epochs/etc together. Lots of complementary qualities.

Thanks again, very helpful and educational.


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What about a civilité (e.g. P22 Civilité)?


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